a few more bits from Cali

Posted by on Feb 4, 2008 in Blog
a few more bits from Cali

A few more things worthy of mention RE: my Cali trip.

In San Francisco, I saw a wonderful show at the SF MOMA. Olafur Eliasson. The exhibit, which is interactive, opens one’s awareness to aspects of light, movement and perception. It was truly delightful as well as thought provoking.

While in LA, I had the opportunity to attend the LA Art Show. There were approximately a gazillion galleries represented from across the country, and actually one or two from England. Two artists really stood out for me. One is Rusty Scruby. His works on view were essentially two dimensional, but had undulating surfaces. They almost looked as though they were woven. But the representative explained that his pieces were actually constructed by using a tabbing system which was stable and yet allowed for the variation of the surface. When I looked at his site, I could see that some of his works actually reveal the tabbing system on the front of the piece.

Broken Angel by Steve Yeates really caught my eye. The artist creates sculptures with recycled glass and poured resin. Looked beuatiful in the spotlight.