limited edition giclees

Color is a key component of my work. So when I decided to publish a series of limited edition prints, it was imperative that I find a process capable of delivering the rich tones and vibrant hues of my originals. I have found that process with the giclee printer, which utilizes a high-resolution spray method of applying the ink, providing a rich saturation of color. Of course, even the finest of equipment can only be as excellent as its operator. I work with a professional photographer who is a superb colorist as well as being a highly skilled print technician. We collaborate on each image, proofing for both color and clarity. Once we are satisfied, the file is 'locked in' digitally to provide consistency. The images are then printed using archival-pigmented inks on archival paper. I sign and number each one by hand within the image to more closely simulate the feel of an original painting. A giclee, which is properly framed and handled, will maintain its vibrancy for a lifetime.

These prints are made to order and every print of an image, regardless of size, is counted toward the edition total of 200.