Original art will transform your home into your own unique sanctuary.  Here are few testimonials I have received from my clients over the years. 

Please reach out if I can help you to choose the perfect piece for your home!


"Terry’s work is soulful to the point of transcendence. I am fortunate to have a number of her paintings in my home and business, so I am surrounded by Terry’s art and her presence; whenever I feel the need to be transported to the place that she has captured with her magical colors and sublime sense of lighting, I simply cast my gaze upon one of the paintings in my collection and off I go."

-M. Sullivan

 "Terry’s work is a contrast in itself – almost ethereal in subject, yet her use of strong color grabs me and pulls me into focus regardless of my viewing aspect.  I have filled my home with many of her beautiful landscapes, each room with different palettes, in various mediums and in different sizes.  Her pieces can arrest attention from across a room or delight in an intimate setting.  As soon as I find some room, I will be in her studio again."

-A. Yarossi

"I have several pieces of Teresa's work, each with a special meaning to me; a gift, a vacation real or imagined, the warmth of summer, or the transformation of fall. When I look at each I am immediately transformed to a state of peace and relaxation."

-M. O'Brien

“I spent months looking for just the right piece of art to hang in my home and after enjoying a few of Terri's paintings that belonged to a friend, I realized I'd come across a very special artist. Terri's work reflects a depth of color and texture representing a feeling of calmness, yet draws you in to want to know more about the scene before you. Her work gives us a sense of peace and enjoyment every single day.

 We were looking for a local artist who shared our love of the stunning beauty of the New England coastal areas and Terri does it so beautifully with thoughtfulness and skill. She takes such care in each unique piece and it is clear how much she loves her craft! We are honored to own one of her paintings and look forward to adding more to our collection."

-K. Scheu

"My mother died this year and I was with her at the moment she passed.  I wondered how I would ever capture the magic of the light of her spirit leaving the room, so I asked Terry to do that for me and I will forever treasure the piece she created.”

-B. Watson

"The depth of subtle color variations and the stronger areas of contrast seem to shift in the changing light of the day and evening - so that it is always a new image whenever I look at it. And at the core of the image is warm sunlight seeping through under a heavy gray cloud which seems to glow. A peaceful and still painting, that seems alive - right in my living room - shaming my TV."

-R. Daw

"I am lucky enough to own 3 of Terry McCue's pastels.  I have loved her work from the first time I saw it and feel privileged to see her work each day in my house.  I am constantly amazed by the brilliance of the colors, by how she presents the physical reality of a landscape, but, most of all, by how she captures that wonderful calmness and mystical feeling one gets when viewing a beautiful expanse of fields or marsh.  I love looking at her work, love how nice it makes me feel, and am constantly thrilled at the compliments I get from friends when they see her pastels.  It makes me feel as if I have good taste."

-J. Ford

” I purchased my first Terry McCue work, "Summer's Luminosity," in response to a postcard flyer.  Although buying a work of art sight unseen was a risk, it was so beautiful that I was willing to chance it.  When it arrived, I was swept away!  It was truly the most luminous pastel I have ever seen, and it conveyed such a feeling of peace, I found myself relaxing on the spot.  Each time I pass it in my hallway, I have the same experience again.  Since then, I have acquired several more of Terry's works, and each one delights me in its own way.  Her artistry is very special to me and my family.”

-G. Fox

"When looking at Terry's work, I feel what the piece is even before I actually recognize what the content is."

 -T. Goode

“As a gallery owner, one of the most pleasing aspects of Teresa's work is how it draws customers into her vision. You can immediately see their delight and appreciation of her work. A landscape is given new meaning with her use of color, dramatic in some pieces, subtle in others.”

-A. Paul

“You can't begin to know how I'm feeling to have been able to gift myself such beauty.  In the living room, I find my gaze drifting up to the fog bank, bringing me back to when I would drive my daughter to high school.  Every piece of art brings me to different places, putting a smile on my face.”

-J. Bergeron