Wondering about some customized art for a special space in your home? Here’s how we would approach it!

1. We meet in my studio or via zoom (you could even show me the space) and discuss what you are looking for in terms of scale, palette and imagery. 

2. I will work up a small-scale conceptual sketch in advance so that I can be sure I am clearly understanding what you would like. The sketch is an opportunity to for you to weigh in and I will revise, if necessary, based upon your feedback. Once the sketch meets your approval, I can begin the painting with a reference and clear direction. 


3. When the painting is very close to complete, I will share with you so that you can request any adjustments you might like.  Usually, because of the first step, no adjustments are necessary, but I want you to be 100% happy.


4. You hang your customized art and enjoy it every day!


 Please reach out with any questions!