Imagined Expanse


How the "Imagined Expanse" series came to be.

A Sea of Love

During my dad‘s final months of decline, I did not have a lot of time in the studio. But I had ordered some 4”x 12“panels (love that elongated format!) so I thought it was a good time to work up some small pieces. Then I found myself ordering more panels and some new R&F colors. I was working completely intuitively, laying in color, pushing another color against that to see what would happen, mixing, scraping -immersed and in motion. It was one or two hours when all else fell away. I knew I was painting my grief, but I was surprised at the bright colors that were coming out of me. Then one day, I walked into the studio and saw this table filled with tiny paintings and the phrase “sea of love” popped into my mind. And then it made sense.